07 November 2011 a post by Sally Diana. 2 comments.

Samhain Skeleton Leaf Reflection

As the autumn leaves fall and decay we begin to sense the year passing away, the nights noticeably lengthening and a certain sense of things dying. More ...

31 October 2011 a post by Bruce Stanley. 0 comments.

Thin Places, Scarred Times

Here's a meditation for Samhain, the Celtic name for Halloween, which takes the reader on a journey through the darkness and back into the light. More ...

31 October 2011 a post by Steve Hollinghurst. 4 comments.

All Hallows Ritual

This a ritual to mark All Hallow’s Eve or Samhain in the Celtic calendar. It weaves together the themes of this season; remembering those who have died and also facing the reality of death and fear of the unknown world beyond this one. This ritual draws on Pagan and Christian elements within a Christian communion and has been used as a group ritual. However elements of it can also be used by individuals wanting to mark this festival. More ...

31 October 2011 a post by Pauline Warner. 2 comments.

Mary, Mary quite contrary

If I see a sign on a door which says Push, I always Pull. And vice-versa. It seems that I am just a natural rebel who can never do as I am told. A clear instruction compels me to do the exact opposite! More ...

22 September 2011 a post by Ian Adams. 1 comments.

High Tides and Brown Grass

Some of the highest tides of the year occur in the period following the Autumn Equinox. More ...

22 September 2011 a post by Bruce Stanley. 0 comments.

Mushroom Hunters Psalm

Autumn equinox, day and night perfectly balanced, the tipping point between light and dark half, drawing a line in the sand to mark the change. I’d like to be saying goodbye to a bonnie summer, body brown, mind-full of long hot days building castles out of sand. Instead I can feel the descending gloom over the summer we never had – again. Which is a shame as I really love autumn and want to welcome and mark its arrival. More ...

03 August 2011 a post by Pauline Warner. 0 comments.

Generous giving of the Harvest King

The wheel has turned.
Comes round the time of harvest.
Life, growth, death and rebirth
All have come full circle.
Springtime’s seeds sown,  grew green in May
and now explode in abundance.  Generous giving
of the Harvest King.

More ...

31 July 2011 a post by Mountain Ash. 0 comments.

Bread of Life

I think bread is the ultimate soul food; it seems symbolic of so much of life, even of death. The bread Jesus shared with his friends at his famous ‘Last Supper’, the day before his death, became a symbol of hope. Jesus asked his followers to remember him as they ate it. Being a Passover meal, the bread was already symbolic of God saving his people from death. More ...

31 July 2011 a post by Bruce Stanley. 0 comments.

The Way to the Mill

The 1st of August is Lammas, or Loaf-Mass. This short meditative piece, written by Tony Bellows, reflects on the importance of corn and wheat from ancient times to the very present day, and also on how the plight of Africa calls for our aid. The friar, incidentally, is quoting verbatim from the Carmina Gaedelica, the book of ancient prayers from the Hebrides. More ...

21 June 2011 a post by Steve Hollinghurst. 2 comments.

Fullness of Life in Midsummer

Celebrating and going deeper with the Summer Solstice. Thoughts for reflection at the start of the festival of Midsummer. More ...

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