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27 November 2013 a post by Bruce Stanley. 2 comments.

Dyffryn Clwyd Forest Church

Forest Church Dyffryn Clwyd is about building on our connections with nature. More ...

11 October 2013 a post by Bruce Stanley. 6 comments.

Oxford Forest Church

Wonder and awe are important sources of spiritual growth for many of us, and such transcendent moments, when we feel deeply connected to something bigger than ourselves, often occur in nature. More ...

09 October 2013 a post by Bruce Stanley. 2 comments.

Oakwood Forest Church

Walking, exploring and praying together in Earley and East Reading. More ...

14 September 2013 a post by Bruce Stanley. 3 comments.

Tyneside Forest Church

We are a group of folks who seek to encounter God in the green spaces and wild places around Newcastle upon Tyne and Tyneside. More ...

30 August 2013 a post by Bruce Stanley. 1 comments.

Oasis Church Grimsby Forest Church

Often people talk about being closest to God when they are outside. On a mountainside, in a valley, or in a wooded grove perhaps. There is no doubt that many of us feel something 'transcendant' when we are in the 'open air Cathedral' of the natural world. Our Forest Church gatherings allow us to explore this together. More ...

06 August 2013 a post by Bruce Stanley. 2 comments.

Salisbury Plain Forest Church

Plain Church is a Celtic Community made of committed Christians. We meet every Sunday morning to walk and worship in the outdoors, this may be on the open Plain, it may be in woodland and it could even be somewhere else in the country. More ...

18 March 2013 a post by Altar Ego. 12 comments.

Ancient Arden Forest Church

We are interested in exploring relationships with the natural world, using the broadest possible navigation of the Christian Tradition to surf the boundaries between Christianity and Paganism, and re-discovering the immanent God as Mother and Father. More ...

13 August 2012 a post by Bruce Stanley. 0 comments.

New Forest – Forest Church

We meet on the 2nd Sunday of each month at 4pm in the car park of Hatchet Pond, near Beaulieu (toilets available here) *.From here we either walk in the surrounding area or drive to a specific place together. More ...

25 June 2012 a post by Matthew Arnold. 14 comments.

East Midlands Forest Church

There have been times in all our lives when we have experienced something of the great beauty of nature and sensed that there must be more to life than the purely physical, something that transcends ourselves and the environment we are in. Whether we are lying back, gazing at the full moon as it slowly traverses the night-sky, or breathing deeply the scent found in pine woods, whether tasting fresh honey from a beehive, hearing birdsong or feeling the breeze across our face, life is a multisensory experience we can choose to either stifle or celebrate. More ...

10 May 2012 a post by Bruce Stanley. 0 comments.

Mid Wales Forest Church

For many the spiritual journey is most easily followed in nature; along the shore, through the forest, over the mountain. Mid Wales Forest Church is a new kind of experiential community group, open to anyone exploring that journey. Many people can describe transcendent moments in nature where they feel deeply connected to something bigger than themselves and Forest Church is a way to explore that connection within community; a new way of being Church. More ...

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Lancashire parishes encouraged to try starting a 'Forest Church'. @cofelancs🌳🍃🌷
15 Aug

"For me, Forest Church is all about encouraging people to engage more with nature and with each other; to stop for……
15 Aug

“Forest church” this morning! Bark rubbings for our display, a scavenger hunt and the usual hide and seek.
18 Aug