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22 September 2012 a post by Ian Adams. 0 comments.

Autumn Equinox: the raggedness belongs

It's the Autumn Equinox, and in this part of South Devon everything is looking ragged. The daisies are losing their petals, the dandelions have grown huge, the leaves of the estuary-side oaks are turning, the grasses are browning and breaking. Everything is finding its natural limit, preparing for the unseen but inevitable hunkering-down that will follow in the months ahead. If you like things to be tidy, this may not feel like a good time. More ...

01 August 2012 a post by Bruce Stanley. 8 comments.

Natural Theology, Signs and Omens – God speaking through Nature.

God speaks primarily through sacred scripture, so I’ve been led to believe by those who’ve shaped my thinking, but I’m hearing the same divine voice speaking elsewhere – standing out against the everyday backdrop of my natural surroundings: the unusual behaviour of a bird, a rare plant growing somewhere unexpected, a vision of beauty that penetrates me with a sense of transcendence I can’t ignore. My instincts tell me the voice is God’s but this is a harder book to read. More ...

21 June 2012 a post by Bruce Stanley. 5 comments.

You must increase, I must decrease

It is mid-summer, St John’s eve, the longest day of the year. Imagine that you’re looking at one of the rarest things in the other-than-human world ... More ...

21 June 2012 a post by Matt Freer. 0 comments.

Lessons from a ‘Poor old Billy’ tree

“Poor old Billy tree,” yelled my daughter as she enthusiastically pointed to a Willow tree across the river. More ...

28 May 2012 a post by Matthew Arnold. 6 comments.

Pentecost and the Birthday for East Midlands Forest Church

In 2010, as a result of my own spiritual awakening to the ancient history of Christian spirituality, I began writing a series of workshops, held in the evening on the third Sunday of the month at my then church. All were attempting to teach others various spiritual exercises to enhance their quiet times with God and, for me, as a personal exploration of the more contemplative side of alternative worship. We were learning as we went along, including the combustible properties of communion tables whilst using incense! What do Baptists know about the use of incense anyway? More ...

22 May 2012 a post by Bruce Stanley. 2 comments.

Nature Inspired Binding Prayer exercise for Forest Church

Mid Wales Forest Church began last Sunday, the third Sunday in May. We walked from a spectacular view point down a valley alive with signs of spring and through a long since abandoned mine and quarry area back to the starting point. More ...

01 May 2012 a post by Pauline Warner. 0 comments.

The Bride, The Groom and The Tree

Every tree now garmented in fresh lushness. No longer stark sentinels against steely skies, every tree mellows and unfolds the greening of creation. Summer is a coming in. All creation joins in the pulsating , throbbing rhythm – the Dance of Awakening Life. More ...

21 March 2012 a post by Sally Diana. 0 comments.

Spring Equinox Meditation

Easter is the only festival whose date is dictated by the movements of the sun and the moon. This offers us a great opportunity to interlink the mysteries of Pagan, Jewish and Christian understanding. More ...

01 February 2012 a post by Steve Hollinghurst. 0 comments.

Reflections and rituals for Imbolc

Reflections and rituals for Imbolc 1st February and it’s season - The season of simplicity – Spring: the season of awakening. Also the feast of St Brigid and the festival of Candlemas More ...

22 September 2011 a post by Ian Adams. 1 comments.

High Tides and Brown Grass

Some of the highest tides of the year occur in the period following the Autumn Equinox. More ...

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