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Earthed: Christian Perspectives on Nature Connection

This substantial collection of essays is a resource for anyone practically exploring the relationship between spirituality and nature connection, written by authors from the Christ Tradition who’ve taken literally Jesus’ words, ‘I am sending you out ...’  More ...

Urban Springtime and the element of Air

This is the third in a series of articles on exploring earth-centred spirituality in an urban context. I have been reflecting on the seasons and their frequently associated elements: autumn and water, winter and earth, now spring and air. The four traditional elements are associated in this way, through ascribing them to the four quarters of a circle, divided like a compass by the north, south, east and west lines. More ...

Forest Church Tweets

A one day introduction to Forest Church with Bruce Stanley 23 Oct Skipton
13 Sep 14

#Dayinatweet school run, Greek translation, Forest Church reading, phonecalls, friends visiting, funeral visit, @tonyvino comedy evening!
12 Sep 14

Would you like to try Forest Church? Find out about it on 23 Oct with Bruce Stanley at Skipton
12 Sep 14