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Roe Deer - integrating feminine and masculine

Both of our native Deer species* give us the benefit of two animals in one, because they display such clear masculine and feminine aspects. The doe is the epitome of female strength and grace; the stag very much the embodiment of male strength and virility. So we can see immediately that one quality – strength – manifests itself in different guises. Perhaps one of the lessons we can draw from the deer, then, is integration.  More ...

Blackbird - the way of the artist

He’s bolder than his ancestors were, I am confident of that. Do any digging in your garden or allotment and you are just as likely to see him as that other opportunist, the Robin. He works hard too, systematically working his way through the autumn leaves in search of insects, worms, caterpillars and grubs. We have named his kind after the male, whose black plumage is accentuated by a bright orange/yellow beak and ring encircling each eye. He hops and flits and his song reminds us of the woods that once blanketed these lands.  More ...

Forest Church Tweets

Community Meal/Forest Church tomorrow at 12:30 PM - More Info:
21 Feb

over on the Mystic Christ and Forest Church blog there is an intriguing and different way to do daily Lenten...
19 Feb

Forest Church Dyffryn Clwyd meets this Saturday at Alyn Waters near Wrexham 2pm start. First Shoots: Nurturing...
16 Feb