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Eel - knowing our true home

Not all fish can manage both fresh and salt water, although some (Perch for example) may be found where the two meet. What sets the European Eel apart is that he may spend as long as twenty years in the fresh water environment here, despite the fact that his life began and ends at sea. What is more the "sea" in which he emerges and, at the end of his life, spawns and dies, itself migrates, having no land boundary. More ...

Oak - the gift of true community

One of the great icons of the British landscape, the Oak casts a giant shadow. Whether standing alone or in ancient woodland, there is an undeniable majesty about this creature who provides food, shelter and habitat for hundreds of other species. And yet here Oak rarely reaches her full potential. To see exactly how impressively they can grow you need to visit the The Białowieża Forest World Heritage site, where deep woodland has been allowed to establish unchecked for centuries.  More ...

Forest Church Tweets

@ashwcampus Forest Church Harrow Weald HA36DQ 3pm this Sunday - song, craft activity, stories and fire-toasted hotcross buns - all welcome
20 Mar

Celebrating the creation and the creator with friends and our school chaplain at the first ever Forest Church! Fab!
20 Mar

Forest Church on the #SteyningDownland - wild, woolly - it’s church but not as we know it (Jim)
20 Mar