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Sensio Divina

The contemplative exercise of Lectio Divina, or Divine Reading,… more

Devising ‘rituals’ for Mid Wales Forest Church.

Four times a year, close to the sun festivals of solstice… more

Down to Earth: Winter Prayer-walking

Five years ago we moved to a densely populated and culturally… more

Forest Church, find out more ...
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Are Dracula and Jesus the same person? rejesus.co.uk/blog/post/are_…
31 Oct 13

Nature connection and Divine inspiration on an autumnal city walk by author Annie Heppenstall. mysticchrist.co.uk/blog/post/look…
28 Oct 13

St Alban's 'urban forest church' on 2nd November 4pm St Peter's Church yard - with apple games, apple juicing... fb.me/2Jysgo7xb
19 Oct 13