21 March 2012 a post by Ian Adams

The Spring Equinox and the Rising Son

The sun is rising. Words and Pictures by Ian Adams.

devon hilside

And so, finally, comes the Spring Equinox, this most welcome moment of change for those of us in the Northern hemisphere, for whom winter’s darkness has seemed so persistent. This coming weekend in the UK the clocks will go forward one hour, accelerating our sense that a new season is almost here. There’s a palpable mood of hope in the air and on the airwaves as warmer days are anticipated and longer evenings imagined. In the heavens the sun, from our perspective, is rising higher in the sky, bringing more light, greater warmth and new life.

In this Equinox moment of equality between hours of darkness and light Pagans recognize a perfect balance of darkness and light, of male and female, of interior and exterior. The Goddess and the Green Man are celebrated, personifying the cosmic change for good that is afoot. This is a time of unimagined energy and unexpected life, a rising of hope from the demanding ground of winter.

Christ figure - Buckfast Abbey

No accident then, that perhaps the greatest season of the Jesus tradition has emerged within the wisdom and gift of springtime. From the Spring Equinox everything is leaning forwards to the great festival of Easter, the season of the Christ’s suffering, death and resurrection. In the West the Christian churches celebrate Easter on the Sunday after the first full moon following the Spring Equinox. The rising sun of this season will mark the rising of the Son for all time, offering a pattern of light from darkness that enables us to face life as it comes to us.

And so anything becomes possible. Onto the coldest ground of our lives falls the warmth of the sun, and through the hardest soil of our existence may break through the shoots of new life…

The sun is rising. The Son is rising.

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