27 June 2012 a post by Bruce Stanley

Wheel Of The Year Calendar

Our first resource: An eight-fold calendar of fire festivals and solar seasons with Celtic and Christian festivals – exercises, meditations and reflections for the seasons. Suitable for any year.

This beautiful and richly illustrated resource is designed to take you through the year, not with the 12 months but with 8 seasons of fire festivals, solar festivals and corresponding Christian and Celtic celebrations. Each plate gives you information about the season, corresponding festivals and ideas of exercises to explore the themes. Created by Bruce Stanley, Steve Hollinghurst and Stu McLellan.

Wheel Of The Year
Still at the introductory price: £4.95.

Price option for extra postage*

The cover:

mystic christ wheel of the year calendar cover

Imbolc, Candlemass & St Brigid:

mystic christ wheel of the year calendar imbolc candlemass and lent page

Summer Solstice, St John’s Eve:

mystic christ wheel of the year calendar sample page summer solstice st john the baptist

To see / download a full size PDF of this page, click here.

All proceeds go towards the future running costs of Mystic Christ.

*If ordering in bulk or for more accurate international postage when ordering multiple products please send the full order details and your address to the contact us link above.

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Your comments:

Wonderful, just what I have been looking for and had been making for myself. Looking forward to receiving it. smile

#1. By Darren on June 27, 2012

Hello. I would like to inquire about buying 2 of these calendars. I would be buying in American dollars. How would I go about doing that?

#2. By DH Parsons on August 06, 2012

DH Parsons. Yes, that’s no problem. Send a message via the ‘contact us’ link above giving your address and how many you want. I will then send you an invoice via paypal with the correct postage.

#3. By Bruce Stanley on August 07, 2012

This is a really lovely calendar, with helpful information and beautiful illustrations.  Thank you.

#4. By Lis on September 03, 2012

I love all I’ve read on this website. I’m involved with new project at Sannox on Arran a sacred island in the Clyde estuary. See www.sannox.org Cave Refectory Road are key elements of the vision here.

Please let me know when the calendar is available again.

Peace on the Way,

David Pott

#5. By David Pott on July 25, 2013

I would love a copy of this calendar and some to give as gifts - please let me know when it is available again. I am a seminarian in a beautiful wild mountain seminary and your website is a blessing to me.

#6. By Sarah Weedon on September 19, 2013

This is due back from the printers in the next week so it is once again available to buy.

#7. By Bruce Stanley on November 20, 2013

Hello, is this just for 2013 or could it be used now? I’m really interesting in getting a copy

#8. By KELLY SIMON on March 16, 2015

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