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Pleasley Forest Church

Encountering the Eternal One within the ancient boundaries of Sherwood Forest

There have been times in all our lives when we have experienced something of the great beauty of nature and sensed that there must be more to life than the purely physical, something that transcends ourselves and the environment we are in. Whether we are lying back, gazing at the moon as she slowly traverses the night-sky, or breathing deeply the scent found in pine woods; whether tasting fresh honey from a beehive, hearing birdsong or feeling the breeze across our face, life is a multisensory experience we can choose to either stifle or celebrate.

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Nestling within the ancient boundaries of Sherwood Forest, Pleasley Forest Church meets primarily in the village of Pleasley near Mansfield. It is an offspring of East Midlands Forest Church (EMFC), and is facilitated by Matt & Jo Arnold.

Our rhythm explores and celebrates the seasons, rhythms and cycles of nature, primarily via the Wheel of the Year, finding inspiration in them together with the Sacred Texts of Jesus in order to foster a closer walk with the Divine Creator, each other and the environment we inhabit. Some of our gatherings will be ritual based, others will have a variety of activities, all focused upon helping us to become more aware of the Creator in the environment we inhabit.

We are a group of fellow travellers gathering together to become aware of the Divine Creator whose immanent presence permeates this ancient landscape. We meet to have our spiritual senses awakened further by connecting with nature in the worship of the Creator. There is no building for us, for nature is our cathedral, the sky and stars its rafters, the grass its floor and the trees its pillars. As such it is advisable to dress appropriately when attending our gatherings.

Our gatherings are fully open and inclusive to those who have a faith, whatever path that may be, as well as those with no faith, and there is compulsion upon anyone to take part in anything they may not feel able to.

We meet every third Sunday in the month at Pleasley Community Orchard (www.pleasleyorchard.org.uk), accessible from Teversal Avenue (NG19 7QQ). We meet at 3pm and finish at approximately 5pm.

Come with a sense of adventure, expectancy and longing, and dressed appropriately for the weather.


For further information and any last minute updates as well as a place to explore Pleasley Forest Church before coming along, please see our Facebook Group or send us an email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

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We are holding to come this month

#1. By Tracey Winfrow on February 03, 2017

Is there a forest church in my area. Would like to come to yours when weather better Thanks

#2. By Steven peet on March 01, 2018

Greetings from CLC Bookshops, Sheffield. We are providing a bookstall for the Sheffield Methodist District Synod on 6th April and have just been informed that one of the workshops in on Forest Church…. Guess which book they’d like to be available?
What are your Ts&Cs; for serving bookshops who in turn serve bookstalls? 3 or 4 copies should be ample. If more are needed we’ll take orders.
Thanks, Phil

#3. By Phil Burnham on March 21, 2019

Is there a forest church near me?
I too would like to meet god in nature.

#4. By Irmtraut on August 27, 2019

This will be great spot for exploring. I would like to visit this after mine <a >day trips from sfo</a>.

#5. By Doris on October 08, 2019

HI just wondering if the forest church at Sherwood Forest is still running. I would love to come along. Please can you let me know when you next have a meeting. I live near Chesterfield.

#6. By Caroline Cook on February 17, 2020

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