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18 March 2014 a post by Bruce Stanley. 10 comments.

Sensio Divina

The contemplative exercise of Lectio Divina, or Divine Reading, has been practiced from the earliest times of monastic discipleship – the act of sitting prayerfully with a short piece of sacred text and allowing it to speak and inhabit our minds and hearts. How does it work when reading the Book of Creation? More ...

06 August 2013 a post by Bruce Stanley. 25 comments.

Crossing Boundaries Forest Church 1 Day Intro – North

Event starts: 23 October 2014

A one day introduction to Forest Church with Bruce Stanley of Mid Wales Forest Church and hopefully one other if numbers allow. More ...

21 February 2013 a post by Bruce Stanley. 6 comments.

Forest Church: A Field Guide to Nature Connection For Groups and Individuals

Brimming with insights and packed with information, this book draws you out, quite literally, into nature to experience a new, well thought through pattern of spiritual practice. Bruce Stanley gives you all the resources you’ll need, both practical and theoretical, to get going with a group or on your own. More ...

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"The Church isn't going to be reinvented from the middle, but from the edge." #ForestChurch…
10 Mar

Lovely afternoon walk in the bluebells discerning #forestchurch to #reachnewpeople
20 Apr 18