06 August 2013 a post by Bruce Stanley

Crossing Boundaries Forest Church 1 Day Intro – North

Event starts: 23 October 2014

A one day introduction to Forest Church with Bruce Stanley of Mid Wales Forest Church and hopefully one other if numbers allow.

carved wooden sculpture from grizedale forest

Forest Church is doesn’t travel far before it crosses boundaries into new territory for many people – deep into nature connection and deep into dialogue with earth spiritualities such as Druidry and Paganism. This fairly intensive (but fun and friendly) one day workshop is for anyone new to these ideas who want to ask questions and gain some confidence.

  • What does it mean to be in dialogue with nature?
  • How is it possible to hold rituals where Christians and Pagans are together?
  • What might worship look like caught up together with nature?
  • And how can Christians celebrate the 8 fold celtic festivals?

Forest Church began in the late spring of 2012 with a small group in mid Wales. Since then 13 groups have started in the UK and the idea is taking hold elsewhere; as we keep hearing, it is an exciting idea who’s time has come. People are attracted for a variety of reasons from developing their wellbeing to connecting with others on Pagan paths. Nature connection, environmentalism, conservation, fitness and earth-based spirituality are also in the mix depending on which group you visit, there is no prescribed model.

One thing in common with all Forest Church groups is that they are not a fellowship group doing an outside activity, they are attempting something more radical – to connect and participate with God’s creation. Most people’s transcendent moments happen not during religious services but in the great outdoors. Scripture suggests that ‘nature’ is not just a nice place to go on holiday, as Divine creation it describes God’s qualities and powers; nature tells us about God and God can speak through nature – and there is much we can learn and discover about our ourselves through direct connection with nature.

This day is both an opportunity to experience this connection and learn about the rationale behind Forest Church, how it is structured and facilitated. During this experiential workshop we will be out and about as much as possible. You’ll need to be able to walk moderate distances and not mind rediscovering your inner child.

Bring with you … Appropriate clothing and footwear, something to sit on if the ground is wet, a notebook, drinking water and a cup or mug, a scarf or similar to use as a blindfold – and your own food. Also come with an attitude of experimentation, playfulness and readi- ness to participate with nature.


Bruce Stanley facilitates Mid Wales Forest Church, where his focus is on ‘nature connection as a foundation, with an underlying ethic towards living lightly’

When and where

The workshop will run from 10 to 5pm from Skipton and it will cost £65 to attend.

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Your comments:

Hi. I’m very interested in this but 23rd October 2014 seems a long way off. Is there anything similar sooner please?


#1. By Dave Bradley on August 29, 2013

Hi Dave

It is a while away isn’t it. You’ve got two options – have a look at the other workshops; this one is a repeat of the workshop we’ll be running in Bristol (probably).

The other option is to organise some kind of workshop yourself which can be as soon as you like.

#2. By Bruce Stanley on August 29, 2013

Interested in the Northern Intro event in October (? 2014)

#3. By Neal Jolly on August 29, 2013

A one day introduction to Forest Church with Alison Eve of Ancient Arden Forest Church, and Bruce Stanley of Mid Wales Forest Church.

I should like to enrol on this course.

Please forward a booking form

#4. By James Mercer on September 02, 2013

Post updated with booking facility.

#5. By Bruce Stanley on October 02, 2013

I am hoping to come.  I have a new boss from September so just waiting to buy ticket so I know I am free, but wanted to register my interest. Hope to see you in oct.

#6. By Paul W on July 01, 2014

Is there an alternative to payment with paypal? At present there is a problem with this your end but also would value an alternative method of payment.

#7. By Rae Moyise on July 16, 2014

Interested in attending, please can you notify me of booking arrangements and location

#8. By Andy Ryland on August 07, 2014

Please note the Pay Pal booking system seems to be down tried to book but get an error message to contact the seller.

#9. By Andy Ryland on August 09, 2014

Hi folks. The booking is fixed and live, we’re good to go.

#10. By Bruce Stanley on August 14, 2014


This would be a little too far for me to come along to.  I noticed in the feed above that one might take place in Bristol.  Is this still the case and when might this happen.

Thanks. Claire

#11. By Claire McIlroy on September 01, 2014

Hi Claire, I’m afraid the Bristol one was cancelled for now.

#12. By Bruce Stanley on September 01, 2014

Intrigued by this- got a couple of churches to look after in challenging area but we got a MASSIVe park which would have all kinds of potential for this kind of spirituality right next to one of my churches- am going to book on it- but would like to go with my church warden- he is a wheelchair user- is this going to be accessible for him?- best wishes- Rev Andy Myers

#13. By Rev Andy Myers on September 17, 2014

Hi Andy. Good question. I’ll look into it. We had a venue in mind of Skipton Woods for some of the day and I know that wheel-chairs vary in 4wd capability.

#14. By Bruce Stanley on September 17, 2014

I am interested in this event but I’m rarely available on a weekday.  I have attended several Forest Church events at Greenbelt and ‘Earthed’ is an inspirational book which I am reading at the moment.  I would be happy for my email to be passed to anyone considering starting a Forest Church in Yorkshire after this event.

#15. By Anna on September 21, 2014

We’re putting a note of this in our Parish Mag for October.  What astonishes me is the price - could you let me know why it is so expensive?  Thank you

#16. By beatrice on September 23, 2014

Hi Anna,
May be interested in meeting up depending on which bit of Yorkshire you are in. I am going on the day in October with a friend from down South. Will ask Bruce about how to link up then,

#17. By Rae Moyise on September 26, 2014

Sorry to be out of the UK then Bruce or I would come. Penny.

#18. By Penny Horseman on October 08, 2014

have paid etc…but i dont seem to have any detail sabot where it is exactly.  Skipton is a big place!

#19. By Paul Wheelhouse on October 08, 2014

Paul. I’ll be putting out details shortly.

#20. By Bruce Stanley on October 09, 2014

Like Beatrice on Sept 23rd, I’d like to know what is included in the price as it does seem expensive, given the outdoors is for free! Thanks

#21. By Michele on October 09, 2014


Sadly I am unable to attend the course but am very interested in Forest Church. I am a Primary head of School and we do “Forest School” but am intrigued as how to link this to Forest Church. Any future courses, recommended reading etc would be greatly appreciated.
Many thanks. Amanda Pickup

#22. By Amanda Pickup on October 09, 2014

Please could I be sent information on the training day later this month, if there are still available places? Many thanks! Kate

#23. By Kate Beck on October 13, 2014

Are dogs welcome on 23rd Oct?

#24. By Chris on October 16, 2014

Can’t believe I missed this! It would have been great to connect with other people in West Yorkshire who are also doing church outside as we’ve not found anyone else!

A small group of us have been meeting outside near Skipton/Ilkley.

If there is anyone else meeting outside in West Yorkshire?

#25. By James on October 24, 2014

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