Forest Church

Many people can describe transcendent moments in nature where they feel deeply connected to something bigger than themselves and Forest Church is a way to explore that connection within community

Forest Church is a fresh expression of church drawing on much older traditions when sacred places and practices were outside – but it is also drawing on contemporary research that highlights the benefits of spending time with nature in wild places.

Forest Church isn’t just normal church happening outside, instead it attempts to participate with creation. And it isn’t just a fellowship group doing an outside activity, we aim to learn, worship, meditate, pray and practice with the trees, at the spring, along the shore....

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Click here to visit the Forest Church Facebook group.

And click here for Mossy Church, where Forest and Messy Church meet for all-age nature connection.

Recent Forest Church Posts

Peregrine - life in all its fulness

“I saw a crow, quite a large bird, seemingly on its way from one place to another in not much of a hurry, when suddenly it realised this small, dark spot on the edge of vision was getting larger, shooting towards it at a terrifying speed. With a terrified squawk, it hurled itself into the nearest tree, crashing into the foliage without any thought except getting away. It was absolutely gripping”. More ...

Magpie - peace and trust in the face of uncertainty

She is, of course, another crow (Corvid) and her emergence makes me wonder. Why is this family of birds coming to prominence as I write? They fly darkly into the imagination, enigmatic and self-contained.  More ...

Forest Church Book

Forest Church: A Field Guide to Nature Connection For Groups and Individuals

Brimming with insights and packed with information, this book draws you out, quite literally, into nature to experience a new, well thought through pattern of spiritual practice. Bruce Stanley gives you all the resources you’ll need, both practical and theoretical, to get going with a group or on your own. More ...

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Community Meal/Forest Church tomorrow at 12:30 PM - More Info:
21 Feb

over on the Mystic Christ and Forest Church blog there is an intriguing and different way to do daily Lenten...
19 Feb

Forest Church Dyffryn Clwyd meets this Saturday at Alyn Waters near Wrexham 2pm start. First Shoots: Nurturing...
16 Feb