25 November 2016 a post by Bruce Stanley

Open Sky Forest Church

Open Sky Forest Church is a gathering of people who want deeper connections with God, nature and each other, taking inspiration from the natural world around us to lead us into worship, community and action.

open sky forest church

We meet monthly, on the second Sunday, on the beach, in a park or woodland, in or around Brighton, for some creative worship (broadly in the Christian tradition), some food and some conversation. We may meet at other times, too. We want to be open, welcoming and hospitable as we experience the hospitality of creation under God’s open sky. We are family-friendly, dog-friendly and, hopefully, just friendly.

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Hi, I would be interested in your gatherings, and would like to know more.  Also would single people be welcome as well as families?
Thank you.

#1. By Coral Raven on July 05, 2017

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