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21 June 2012 a post by Matt Freer. 0 comments.

Lessons from a ‘Poor old Billy’ tree

“Poor old Billy tree,” yelled my daughter as she enthusiastically pointed to a Willow tree across the river. More ...

07 November 2011 a post by Sally Diana. 2 comments.

Samhain Skeleton Leaf Reflection

As the autumn leaves fall and decay we begin to sense the year passing away, the nights noticeably lengthening and a certain sense of things dying. More ...

03 August 2011 a post by Pauline Warner. 0 comments.

Generous giving of the Harvest King

The wheel has turned.
Comes round the time of harvest.
Life, growth, death and rebirth
All have come full circle.
Springtime’s seeds sown,  grew green in May
and now explode in abundance.  Generous giving
of the Harvest King.

More ...

13 May 2011 a post by Ian Adams. 1 comments.

Beltane Blessing

A favourite book of mine happens to be one of the most important pieces of work ever produced in the collecting and recording of social history in the British Isles. The Carmina Gadelica by Alexander Carmichael [1832-1912]. More ...

01 May 2011 a post by Bruce Stanley. 0 comments.

Dying to dance in Beltane

Beltane is traditionally a time to celebrate vitality and fertility; a time for flowers and dancing and the coming of summer. Around me the leaves are out on all but the Ash trees and the Blackthorn blossom is already passing – so why am I apprehensive? More ...

13 April 2011 a post by Greenwood The Bard. 0 comments.

Spring Equinox & the Super Moon

The neighbourhood of Glastonbury comes alive during the Turns of the Wheel - Pagan seasonal celebrations and Fire Festivals. So off I went with my faithful tent on the Spring Equinox, the anniversary of my naming as a Bard. More ...

10 February 2011 a post by Pauline Warner. 2 comments.

And the serpent will not harm me

I love the season of Imbolc and Candlemas. The snowdrop breaking through the ice hard soil, lengthening days. Candles for Mary as she presents her new child in the Temple. Bride’s Day when the ewes give their milk or St Bridget’s Day, the patron saint of midwives. It’s a time which is so tuned in to the rhythm of bodies and the seasons. More ...

09 December 2010 a post by Bruce Stanley. 0 comments.

Pen Labyrinth

Download and print this pen or finger labyrinth and take a moment to journey into its centre and out again. You can use this as a centering or stilling exercise. You might imagine that it doesn't have the same impact as walking a full size one but you may be surprised. More ...

Forest Church Tweets

Great to see how @RiponCuddesdon are engaging with @ARochaUK Eco Church scheme - love the Forest Church area made b……
18 Aug 22

Our Forest Church takes place on Sunday, 28th August, at 4.30pm in the Gifford Community Woodland (Fawn Wood), for……
19 Aug 22

Tremeirchion have their first Forest Church service tomorrow so the boys thought they had better check out that the……
20 Aug 22