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28 October 2013 a post by Annie Heppenstall. 0 comments.

Looking for Life: An Autumn Nature-walk in the City

It's mid October and the sky is overcast, the temperature has dropped in the last few days and night-time storms have been beating the skylights in our loft bedroom. I've got a day to myself and feel the impulse to head for the city centre to experience Autumn in the 'urban jungle' that is now so many of our habitats. More ...

13 September 2013 a post by Bruce Stanley. 1 comments.

Talking to Trees

Of all the experiential nature connection ideas I’ve been exploring and advocating through workshops and the Forest Church book, the one that has raised more questions than anything else is the idea of conversing with nature. More ...

23 July 2013 a post by Bruce Stanley. 8 comments.

Forest Church National Gathering

Event starts: 19 September 2014

Put the date in your diary if you're interested in gathering together with other Forest Church participants for a long weekend of all things wild and green and Divine. More ...

22 September 2012 a post by Bruce Stanley. 0 comments.

Forest Church Group Meditation for Autumn Equinox

I’m just about to start my third Autumn in the Cambrian Mountains and I’m now convinced that we need to mark – along with nature, tradition and even the solar system – this time as a significant moment of pause, balance and reflection, even more so than mid winter. Vive l'équinoxe d'automne! More ...

22 September 2012 a post by Ian Adams. 0 comments.

Autumn Equinox: the raggedness belongs

It's the Autumn Equinox, and in this part of South Devon everything is looking ragged. The daisies are losing their petals, the dandelions have grown huge, the leaves of the estuary-side oaks are turning, the grasses are browning and breaking. Everything is finding its natural limit, preparing for the unseen but inevitable hunkering-down that will follow in the months ahead. If you like things to be tidy, this may not feel like a good time. More ...

22 September 2011 a post by Ian Adams. 1 comments.

High Tides and Brown Grass

Some of the highest tides of the year occur in the period following the Autumn Equinox. More ...

22 September 2011 a post by Bruce Stanley. 0 comments.

Mushroom Hunters Psalm

Autumn equinox, day and night perfectly balanced, the tipping point between light and dark half, drawing a line in the sand to mark the change. I’d like to be saying goodbye to a bonnie summer, body brown, mind-full of long hot days building castles out of sand. Instead I can feel the descending gloom over the summer we never had – again. Which is a shame as I really love autumn and want to welcome and mark its arrival. More ...

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