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19 June 2013 a post by Karen Wellman. 0 comments.

Mystic Cat

One of the midsummer traditions we no longer observe is burning cats. More ...

19 June 2013 a post by Steve Hollinghurst. 0 comments.

Solstices, saints and severed heads

In a previous article the placement of St John’s day at the summer solstice and Jesus birth at the winter solstice was contrasted, see article. Another saint’s day placed at the summer solstice is that of St Alban who is celebrated on 22nd June. More ...

21 June 2012 a post by Bruce Stanley. 5 comments.

You must increase, I must decrease

It is mid-summer, St John’s eve, the longest day of the year. Imagine that you’re looking at one of the rarest things in the other-than-human world ... More ...

21 June 2012 a post by Matt Freer. 0 comments.

Lessons from a ‘Poor old Billy’ tree

“Poor old Billy tree,” yelled my daughter as she enthusiastically pointed to a Willow tree across the river. More ...

21 June 2011 a post by Steve Hollinghurst. 2 comments.

Fullness of Life in Midsummer

Celebrating and going deeper with the Summer Solstice. Thoughts for reflection at the start of the festival of Midsummer. More ...

21 June 2011 a post by Greenwood The Bard. 2 comments.

Yew and Me

It was Summer Solstice, and as I always am at that time, I was in Glastonbury. I purposely pick a campsite that's the far side of the Tor away from the town, so that I have to climb the Tor on my way into town each day of my visit. More ...

Forest Church Tweets

Great to see how @RiponCuddesdon are engaging with @ARochaUK Eco Church scheme - love the Forest Church area made b……
18 Aug 22

Our Forest Church takes place on Sunday, 28th August, at 4.30pm in the Gifford Community Woodland (Fawn Wood), for……
19 Aug 22

Tremeirchion have their first Forest Church service tomorrow so the boys thought they had better check out that the……
20 Aug 22