01 August 2013 a post by Bruce Stanley

Great things come in small packages.

The full majesty of the tree is contained in the small seed. The essence of something fully developed is there inside, and much more – the promise of further multiplications of fruit that can come from the single seed that is allowed to die, (as Jesus famously said in reference to his own path.)

There are some important fruits that you may be lacking in your life – an alternative ‘five a day’. You may be in search of confidence, kindness and love and think that you’re low in beauty or wisdom. It’s as if you had an almost empty container of these things and need to find more somewhere to top us up. That is the zero sum game: you start off with 0% and need an external supply to get up to 100%. That way of thinking is a trap.

There are seeds at your core blossoming with the full quota of all of those qualities; the total sum game, versions of these things that have no opposite, sustained by Spirit. They come from that part of you where your soul joins with that which is outside of you and is perfect love. The trick is to remove the idea that you are limited in these things. Stop believing the lie (which is what sustains much advertising, drama, fear and crisis so you’ve a job on your hands). You need to allow what is already there, fully healthy and ready to grow, to see the light.

mustard seeds


Confidence is a great place to start, see this as an experiment. Have you ever felt that you haven’t got the confidence to do something or other. And have you gone in search of confidence well before some event that you are fearing? Confidence is pre-supplied in you but only when you need it, at that moment. What you are really in need of is trust that you will have all that you need at the time when you need it. In other words the preparation necessary beforehand is to be present with what is now. What you fear in the future will only be coped with when you arrive at it. If you can practice being in touch with that part of you from which the confidence will come – when you need it – then you’ll be as prepared as you can be.


Wisdom is something that has taken second place to knowledge and information. ‘We’re in a knowledge economy’! Knowledge is part of the zero sum game. It is very important and can’t be undervalued but wisdom is much more important – it is actually what is valuable about you and what you know. Wisdom is available to you 100% 24/7 but again you have to find some portals like meditation and stillness to access that part of you that lies below your ego. ‘You already know all you need to’, the gurus tell us. Those that know this and practice it are the most useful to others whether as business people or as friends.


Beauty is one of the most amazing seeds to contain and we all have it. A message constantly heard is that beauty is skin deep and is only sustained by product or comparison. That is again part of the self sustaining egoic game played to keep money going round in circles. Rather think of it like this: if you had learned another language at school then that understanding is there inside you – you are then able to understand what you hear spoken somewhere. It is the same with beauty. To understand the beauty of some breathtaking view or a delicate flower or even another person you have to have that language inside you. Beauty comes from within. You couldn’t contain more.


Kindness is one of the best seeds to cultivate. The ego trap is to only be kind to those that are kind to you. The rule that most people are following is that ‘I will do to the next person what was done to me last time’. If that was something kind then you may do something kind to the next person you meet. If it was not, you may pass that on instead. Give what it is you think you lack. If you always consider first what it is your ‘little me’ has to gain from something, then you will be acting from gain not kindness. Instead, give what you lack: if you are not receiving much kindness then give it. Expand your sense of ‘me’ and you’ll be giving to yourself anyway. With the measure you use it will be measured to you – and even more.


Love is the most important seed to grow but you must understand the difference between two different sorts of love. At the egoic surface we have dualistic love – love which has an opposite. One minute you feel this love towards someone or something but if there is the possibility that this can turn to something else then it is dualistic love - love with an opposite: hate, disappointment etc. There is a huge and endless source of love inside you that has no opposite, a love that surpasses knowledge and has no measure. I pray that you might be able to grasp how wide and long and high and deep that love is and to live drawing from that source.

Ask and you will be shown how.

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