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Cheltenham Forest Church

We seek to learn how to meet with Christ in nature and the Bible. We desire to bring healing and wholeness to the relationship between humans and other species, the poorest communities of the world, and future generations. This includes reconciliation between groups that have been in conflict, such as Christians and Pagans, and the different denominational groupings in the Church.

cheltenham forest church

What we like:

  • imagining a future in which human beings live in harmony as part of nature.
  • nature connection exercises, stories and listening to one another.
  • marking the seasons.
  • enabling people to find their own means of expressing their faith journey.
  • being child-, single-, couple- and family-friendly, welcoming everyone as full participants as they are.
  • cake.

We plan to meet about eight times a year, following the solar cycle of Solstices and Equinoxes. Gatherings are usually on Saturday afternoons and last about an hour with time afterwards for informal conversation and play.

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Your comments:

TRying to contact Dan Papworth about maybe leading worship at our church in November as a guest preacher.

#1. By Fiona Hall on August 11, 2017

hello, pleased to find forest churches!and the idea on the net today.

pray tell me, when will your next meeting be? will you be doing a christmas kind of celebration, kind regards Holly

#2. By Holly Barker on November 28, 2017

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