13 September 2013 a post by Bruce Stanley. 1 comments.

Talking to Trees

Of all the experiential nature connection ideas I’ve been exploring and advocating through workshops and the Forest Church book, the one that has raised more questions than anything else is the idea of conversing with nature. More ...

30 August 2013 a post by Bruce Stanley. 1 comments.

Oasis Church Grimsby Forest Church

Often people talk about being closest to God when they are outside. On a mountainside, in a valley, or in a wooded grove perhaps. There is no doubt that many of us feel something 'transcendant' when we are in the 'open air Cathedral' of the natural world. Our Forest Church gatherings allow us to explore this together. More ...

06 August 2013 a post by Bruce Stanley. 25 comments.

Crossing Boundaries Forest Church 1 Day Intro – North

Event starts: 23 October 2014

A one day introduction to Forest Church with Bruce Stanley of Mid Wales Forest Church and hopefully one other if numbers allow. More ...

06 August 2013 a post by Bruce Stanley. 2 comments.

Salisbury Plain Forest Church

Plain Church is a Celtic Community made of committed Christians. We meet every Sunday morning to walk and worship in the outdoors, this may be on the open Plain, it may be in woodland and it could even be somewhere else in the country. More ...

01 August 2013 a post by Bruce Stanley. 0 comments.

Great things come in small packages.

The full majesty of the tree is contained in the small seed. The essence of something fully developed is there inside, and much more – the promise of further multiplications of fruit that can come from the single seed that is allowed to die, (as Jesus famously said in reference to his own path.) More ...

01 August 2013 a post by Simon Marshall. 3 comments.

The Seed: Symbol and Mystery

A seed is a mystery. It is both beginning and end, life and death, nothing and everything. A seed sits easily in the palm of the hand, and yet grows into a living structure which can be twice the size of house. It is a single grain, yet it is the source of a thousand grains. It can be stored for many years, and then be stirred into life in days. A seed is the whole universe in a grain of sand. More ...

23 July 2013 a post by Bruce Stanley. 8 comments.

Forest Church National Gathering

Event starts: 19 September 2014

Put the date in your diary if you're interested in gathering together with other Forest Church participants for a long weekend of all things wild and green and Divine. More ...

19 June 2013 a post by Karen Wellman. 0 comments.

Mystic Cat

One of the midsummer traditions we no longer observe is burning cats. More ...

19 June 2013 a post by Steve Hollinghurst. 0 comments.

Solstices, saints and severed heads

In a previous article the placement of St John’s day at the summer solstice and Jesus birth at the winter solstice was contrasted, see article. Another saint’s day placed at the summer solstice is that of St Alban who is celebrated on 22nd June. More ...

30 April 2013 a post by Ian Adams. 1 comments.

Fire and Fertility

It's been a long winter in the South Hams of Devon. But during the last few days something has changed. We've seen the first swallows arriving from the far South, the trees are beginning to green, daylight is continuing long into the evening, the dawn chorus rings vibrantly over fields carpeted in daisies, and the first aromas of the warmer times to come (we hope) are in the air. Whatever has lain dormant is discovering its fertility. Something new is coming into being. More ...

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Forest Church Tweets

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16 Jan

Join us on Saturday 22 January 2022 for Forest Church. This is an outdoor event, so please wrap up warm. pic.twitter.com/5gWk0zJiKl
14 Jan

Why not join us this Sunday at St Anne's Church Talygarn at 3pm for Forest Church. ALL ARE WELCOME! @LlandaffDiotwitter.com/i/web/status/1…
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